Symbol explanation of  the Dance of Sacred Interconnection or in Pilipino “Sayaw ng Pakikipagkapwa.”

pakikipagkapwa dance

The first concentric circle around the BA-HA-LA Tree of Life is about Pakikipagkapwa or Sacred Interconnection of all Cosmos and Existence, in many levels, dimensions and universes.

Kapwa means “other” but it’s deeper meaning is kindred or “self in other.”

Pakikipagkapwa can mean compassion and can also have the same meaning as Namaste—the light in me sees and honors the light in you…

Pakikipagkapwa is all-encompassing that it recognizes a human’s connection to each and every living creature, all of Life, all of Creation… it also encompasses a connection beyond the veil, into the dimensions of Light and Spirit unencumbered by 3D-4D Space and Time. (also see

Babaylan Mandala, Gold & White, ©2009 Perla Daly.

Babaylan Mandala, Gold & White, ©2009 Perla Daly.

Pakikipagkapwa is represented in not just this circle alone but throughout the whole of the Babaylan Mandala — YOU, as the Bahala tree of life, are connected to everything throughout the cosmos, beyond space and time, and throughout dimensions of material and non-material existence.

The main symbol in the pakikipagkapwa circle is the baybayin writing symbol of KA.

KA baybayin

baybayin symbol of KA

KA is written by drawing two curving lines horizontally, like waves, one on top of the other in a parallel way. The two wavy lines each can represent a river of water, a current of wind, or a spirit or soul. The two entities are connected with a line running vertically down the center, just touching each one. This central line is the Connection between the two rivers, winds or souls.


Looking closely at the KA symbols in the circle, they have been stylized to represent women and men dancing for joy around the BA-HA-LA Tree of Life in a dynamic circle. Between every set pair of man and woman, there is balanced a spinning orb of energy, little balls from the River of Life, whirling spheres of prana and Life force. This indicates many things — free will, creativity, ability to have control over one’s life, dharma, destiny, and many other things.

The baybayin symbol or syllable of KA is spelled/found in many Philippine words that indicate relation or connection:

Kapatid = sibling (tagalog)
kauturan=siblings (visayan)
kapwa = kin, kindred, fellow (tagalog)
kasama = partner or companion (tagalog)
ka-klase = (classmate tagalog)
kapid = twin (visayan)
kambal= twin (tagalog)
kadkaduha = twin or sibling soul (visayan)
kalakbay = companion in a journey (tagalog)
kakilala = acquaintance (tagalog)
kaibigan = friend (tagalog)