Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, first Polynesian explorer and female Fellow with the National Geographic Society, speaks of the wisdom of her Hawaiin indigenous village elders that is meant for her, her people and the people of the world and she shared them at a Bioneers conference:

This is an invitation for all of us to rise… we can shake in terror over what’s going wrong. We know that. Or we can choose to stand and be fierce together. This is our invitation. It is our prelude to greatness. We can do it if we do it together. Whenever we are willing to step into those uncomfortable places. Whenever we are willing to step into our greatness the ancestors will always meet us there. As [Joseph] Campbell said if you take one step toward the gods, they will take 10 steps toward you. And so as we journey together may we know that whatever crises we face is an opportunity for us to define our greatness. It is the prelude to our greatness. And may we always trust our ability to close our eyes to see more clearly.

Your ancestors watch beyond the veil and hope that you to come into your greatness. For those of us who will never hear the sound of our village elders voices or cannot yet connect with the message of our ancestors the Babaylan Mandala has a message.

The unspoken words of the Babaylan Mandala beckon you to find your True Self and in that sacred place to also fulfill your highest potential, your soul’s dharma.

Take heart and have courage. Your connection to your kapwa*, to community, to the Divine AllThatIs shall lift you up and sustain you. You shall be propelled forward by unseen ancestral and angelic energies that align with your intentions for the good of all.

*”Kapwa” means “other” but it’s deeper meaning is “kindred” or “self in other.”

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